Rapper Octopizzo is big on making moves silently. Whether it is a new jam he is dropping or a new business collaboration, we’re used to seeing him just dropping major announcements.

Just this morning, the well decorated rapper took to Instagram to share a pic of his gorgeous new car, a Honda Civic Type R.

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He didn’t say much about the new purchase. He just said, “Scrrrrrrrrrrrah!! New Toy “Another one” 💥💨💨 🦇 $ing Along early Christmas 🎁 🦋🦋🦋 #Honda #typeR #civictyper #toys #fashion #travel #music #2 #pullup #racecar #new #cars #racing #king ♠️🤴🏾♠️a”

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The car he bought is a race car. It is the highest performance version of the Honda Civic. According to the Honda website, a unit goes for Ksh. 3,524,235 a pre-importation tax price. That means the car, if imported, has cost the rapper well over 6M bob.

The lyricist has been working hard of late, dropping jam after jam, his latest being “Sing Along”.

Check it out:

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