Politics is a dirty game. Is it? After about five years in Kenya, strategies to get elected or re-elected into political offices change. Politicians and political parties always have a way of aligning themselves accordingly, just to ensure they run away with a win. And it’s no different this time round.

During the 2013 general election, President Uhuru Kenyatta ran for the highest office in the land on The National Alliance (TNA) ticket. His running mate William Ruto, who automatically became the deputy president following his win, was on a United Republican Party (URP) ticket.

Uhuru Kenyatta to Throw a Party for Jubilee MPs Next Week

The Uhuru-led government went on to be christened “Jubilee”, as it coincidentally took office at a time when Kenya was celebrating her Jubilee anniversary – 50 years of independence. After just four years in power, the Jubilee Party is set for an official launch.

President Uhuru, with Ruto as his running mate, will use the new political outfit to try and clinch their second term in office come 2017. The party will be launched this coming Saturday, September 10, at the Kasarani Stadium. And it seems like it’s all systems go.

KTN’s Joe Ageyo Flags off His MP Bid For Bondo Constituency On Jubilee Party Ticket

The new party has already branded a fleet of sports utility vehicles to be used in campaigns to popularise the party, and maybe, to campaign for its candidates.

Just how much money has Jubilee splashed on these fuel-guzzlers?