Rap star Luo Dollar may have hit the industry with the hottest jam this year, but in real life, maisha ni ngumu.

Luo Dollar released a remix to his original track Bank Otuch with Octopizzo and it immediately stole the hearts of music fans.

Maisha Ngumu Kama Mawe! This Controversial Kenyan Rapper Is Dead Broke, You Won’t Believe How He Is Surviving (PHOTOS)

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The lyrics of the song brags about how money is not a problem, and it is in plenty. Now, the rapper has come out to lament about the lack of money in his life. Pesa Otas means money is just paper, makaratassss.

Luo Dollar claims that established artistes are taking up all the jobs and that they are causing a fluctuation in studio charges as well as production charges for music videos.

Read what he wrote,

“All the established Kenyan artistes recording Audios below 20K and does video below 100k are the ones making it worse for young talent to get opportunities,they run with their knees for 100k gigs,then go back to studio for more substandard music so they can perform in clubs every day from monday to monday
Even main brands and companies in Kenya have lowered their level of work opportunities to musicians,they give you want they want not what you deserve,because a few established artistes who never invested and still struggling to stay relevant forward envelops with substandard content to be short-listed in various activities. NOTE: Am not complaining, its because music is my career and i don’t want to stay in rental house to the rest of my music career. Shame On Me, thank me later when they approve my letter #AsanteSana.”

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