I do not think this will come as a surprise to anyone seeing as the lad’s grandfather actually graces money BUT then again, alot can be said for modesty.


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What the hell am I saying, he is alot more modest than I would be if I were in his position. Actually, I would refer to everyone as a peasant and probably only go to the club to waste alcohol -like literally buy the bar and spill the drinks.


I would simply use the drinks for a wet shirt contest. Then again, I am creative!

So here the deal is, the president’s first son was out and about, painting the capital city of the country his father presides over red and he decided to remind me that I am but a humble pauper. He got one of those money guns and spray me di money!

make it rain lolon year.

Now, I cannot call myself a political pundit BUT, this is definitely not what you want to catch the son of the president doing during an election year. Defoz not a good look!

uhuru-kenyatta-kenya-1159866-jpg_1031809 lol

Not when his father has gone to great pains to try and show “TUKO PAMOJA!”

Nah blad! But then again, what do I know?

Here the photo is. And do not worry, as soon as this goes up, I am going on vacation to Enugu for a minute holiday. Good luck finding me.

Kenyatta's son blowing money

God’s Chosen Blogger, The Pope Of Pissing Off People is out!



Photo Credits: The Nairobian