Homes of Celebs

The local showbiz industry is flooded with big wigs doing extraordinary stuff.

Paparazzi are always on there case ready to know their net worth, what they drive, cost of their clothes, shoes, watches and if the sh*t they flaunt online is legit or not.

Some of the local celebrities are living opulent lifestyles just like their counterparts across the world.

These celebrities can afford magnificent homes, thanks to their deep pockets.

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Their homes are worth millions and most are situated in the city’s leafy suburbs and outskirts and stand out from the rest of their neighborhoods.

Well from Linus Kaikai to Akothee, check out homes of Kenyan top celebs which can pass for Statehouse.

  1. Simon Kabu

Simon and his wife Sarah Kabu are living large. Their expensive mansion, estimated at Ksh10 million is goals.

Kabu now the CEO of one of Africa’s leading tours and travels company was once a milk salesman and matatu tout (makanga).

He is living proof that no situation is permanent.

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2. Jared Otieno

The businessman who’s known for loving  finer things in life owns a home worth Ksh115 million in Karen. He also owns another one in Lavington and according to sources, it’s worth 100 million.

The Karen palatial home is one of a kind and has five bedrooms ensuite, fitted with modern kitchen, swimming pool, a world-class clubhouse playground for kids, a gym, Porte Croche, Cloakroom among other amenities.

Jared Otieno
Jared Otieno’s Karen palatial home

Otieno despite being popular, likes a private life away from the limelight.

 3. Linus Kaikai

He lives on the outskirts of the city in Kajiado county. Kaikai is among the few Kenyan media personalities who own multimillion homes.

Linus Kaikai

His palatial home has a kitchen garden and a beautiful compound with a well mowed lawn, flowers, Cycads and palm trees. The house stands out in his neighborhood.

Linus Kaikai

His wife Mueni is the creative mind behind the landscaping of their home.

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4. Yvonne Okwara

The Citizen TV presenter and her husband also own a flashy home in the city’s outskirts. Although Okwara doesn’t like sharing pics more often like her counterparts, Her plush home in a quiet neighborhood.

Yvonne Okwara

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5. Akothee

The singer and mother of five has two palatial homes one in Mombasa and another one in Rongo, Migori county.

She always refers to the Rongo mansion as her retirement home. And just like many, Akothee started from scratch and her houses are worth millions including the parcels on land they’re sitting on.

Akothee’s Rongo home

She is the only richest musician in the country with many side hustles. She also runs a tours and travels company; Akothee Safaris

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6. Mary Kilobi Atwoli

The KTN TV presenter moved into her husband Francis Atwoli; home a year ago after they got married. The couple’s expensive home in Kajiado county is goals. Their palatial home left many wagging tongues after videos and photos surfaced online.

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