Photos of gospel singer Veronica Wanja, aka, Nicah the Queen before fame have left many shocked.

The Pagawisha hit singer, shared photos from back in the day when she was ashy and plump, and she has indeed come a long way.

Nicah the Queen
Nicah the Queen before fame

She wrote:

Nimetoka mbali aki….cheka nikublock #TBT sinilikuwa na tumbo kama basin😂😂😂karibu itoe button ya koti😂 how was i breathing??

Latest photos of Nicah the Queen compared to her old ones are totally different and even the complexion has changed. Back in the day, she was of a dark complexion but right now she’s light-skinned.


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Did she bleach or life is good in Christ?

The Ushuhuda hitmaker’s followers were shocked by her transformation and asked her to share the secret but when trolling became too much she pulled down the post.

Check out the comments

Carolwamaina: Ni yesu kweli

Iamnickodhiambo: Toa “Ushuhuda”

Keyaselina: 😂😂😂😂😂wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu

Judyeecaster: Tupatie siri ya hii waist goals ata sisi…kama ulikua hivo,ata sisi we can achieve

Paulababygal: Wow…Ni God.. @nicahthequeen please share your secret how you achieved the flat tummy😄

Kamurua: Maheni!🤣 is not you

Israelmugallo: Haha no way!!!😵

Sirm: Pesa ni sabuni

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