Ladies, did you know the reason your men have been coming home on time because they wanted to drool over the sexy lasses who grace the silver screens?
Have you also noticed that the same men keep on changing the channels while watching the news bulletin?
Well, as the year comes to an end, we came up with a list of the best dressed or rather the most popular and arguably hottest female TV anchors in Kenya, who leave the boy child glued to the TV at the top of the hour.
From Victoria Rubadiri to Betty Kyallo, meet the best-dressed TV anchors of 2017
1. Victoria Rubadiri
She is a journalist and news anchor at NTV. She hosts the Victoria’s Lounge programme on the station and boasts of 114,000 Twitter followers.
2. Lulu Hassan
The soft-voiced Lulu co-hosts the Nipashe Wikendi on Citizen TV with Kanze Dena. She has over 170,000 followers on Twitter. She is also a mother and a wife to NTV’s Rashid Abdalla.
3. Kanze Dena
She is a Swahili news anchor, at the Maalim Juma based media station. She co-hosts Nipashe Wikendi  with Lulu Hassan.
Kanze Dena
4. Lillian Muli
She is a senior news anchor at Citizen TV. Apart from reading prime time news, the sassy anchor is a fashion enthusiast and outgoing.
Lillian Muli
5.  Smriti Vidyarthi
She is a senior news anchor and reporter at  NTV.
6. Jane Ngoiri
She anchors NTV’s Swahili news at 7 pm. She is also very eloquent in Swahili.
7. Doreen Gatwiri
She’s a former employee of Ebru TV.
8. Akisa Wandera
She anchors KTN Prime Time News. 
9. Betty Kyallo
She is a senior anchor at KTN. Besides reading news, she hosts the Friday Briefing programme.
Betty Kyallo
10.Muthoni Wa Mukiri
She anchors Kikuyu news  Inooro TV alongside Ken Wa Kuraya.
Muthoni Wa Mukiri