Rev Kathy Kiuna

Popular religious couple Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna are not just the ordinary pastors you see every Sunday on the pulpit. Apart from being shepherds, taking care of God’s flocks, Allan and his wife Kathy Kiuna also have a life outside the church. If they aren’t spending some quality time with their family, they are busy taking care of their six months old grand daughter or out in the field playing golf.

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The Kiuna’s are known for their lavish lifestyle and their palatial Runda home, types of cars the cruise and even their fashionable clothes explains a lot. They own what you can never afford! They also play golf; a sport for the rich people. Not for any Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Well, over the weekend, Allan and Kathy attended the annual Barclays Kenya Open golf championship which was held at Muthaiga Country Club. Such an event is attended by the who is who of Kenya. So if you see someone attending such an event, just know that they are swimming in riches. Wenye nchi!

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Mum and Dad as they are commonly referred to by their followers shared photos on their social media accounts just to show us that they indeed play golf.  Bishop Kiuna posted the photos and captioned;

“Hanging out with bae at the Kenya Open !!! Fun times.”

Here are the photos

Allan & Kathy Kiuna


Allan & Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan and wife Kathy Kiuna are arguably the best power couple in the city. They have a huge following compared to their counterparts.

Recently, Kathy Kiuna, the founder of Daughters of Zion took to social media to introduce her mother-in-law in style.

“A selfie moment with my mother in law. She’s the most amazing mother in law I know. Soooooo awesome. Love her to bits,” Kathy posted accompanied by the photo below.

Allan & Kathy Kiuna