Dennis Itumbi and jacque Maribe

They say no situation is permanent and I agree with that. If you were not lucky to be born into a wealthy family, worry not, one day, you will make it and use your past life experience to inspire others.

Well, Dennis Itumbi, the Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya is living proof that indeed money can buy you anything including happiness.

Meet Dennis Itumbi’s cellmate when he was incarcerated

Dennis Itumbi has worked his way up, his career having started at several media companies among them Citizen TV,  Standard newspaper, The People Daily, Baraka Fm, The Kenyan Spectator and Voice of America.

A photo of Dennis Itumbi back in the day when he was still broke and ashy has surfaced online leaving many wagging tongues.

Here is the photo

Dennis Itumbi
Dennis Itumbi (L) and Dennis Onsarigo (R)

Kumbe ametoka mbali?