The singer in a suit

Bahati just seems to be winning.

The gospel musician officially announced that his wife Diana Marua was pregnant with a second child.

And now, he has secured the bag with a new project.


Now, NTV has announced that the singer will have a new reality television show aptly titled, ‘Bahati Reality’ that will air on Saturday.

Very original and well-thought out if you ask me.

The new show

The comments to the news were mostly negative with some of the scathing remarks below:

Queens Kimani This is why I pay for my dstv. Thanks God for nickelodeon.

Justus Wanja Jastura I wish powerpuff girls and Dexter were still showing but thank you for the information
Nimebook kiti Ebru TV perfect match

Joseph Banda Borrowed :The first time my uncle watched this programme hé was on his wheelchair for 4 years runing..That night the show blessed him so much that hé stood up from his wheelchair heading to thé TV and switched it off

Pauline Wanja The reason I pay for my startimes so I can watch National Geographic, viasat h+l, ID, fox and series E1 just to mention afew.

Lyshaz Mirabel Tuko na perfect match ebru on Saturday at that time hehe mtachua hamuchuuuiii

Viola Kithinji I rather stand on my balcony and see people board and alight matatus , see what their buying for supper…and help malimali people sell kenpoly products that’s far much reality to me.

Lucy Mike I wish hiyo masaa mngealika waheshimiwa tujue kama tukichukua huduma namba itatulipia bills.

Kenyans might be wary about the new show as they have already had to seat through his other reality show, ‘Being Bahati’ which ran for 3 seasons.

File photo showing him launching his show

Despite the overwhelmingly negative comments from many, what they might not realize is that this is a business decision by the Aga Khan-owned station.

Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat
Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat

Bahati sells, despite his polarising nature.

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