Gifting especially for men is just a whole headache. While for ladies anything would go, for men you have to think about it.

Here are some gifting ideas for a man in 2019

1. Cuff-links

If the gut you’re gifting wears official clothes then cuff-links would definitely be a go-to for gifting. Go an extra mile and engrave his initials and wait for your magic.

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2. Watches

Watches have become popular these days especially for men because they love to be up to date with the latest trends and machines. Buying a man an expensive and unique watch would cut it!

3. Perfume

A man with a statement smell of his own is just to die for! Men don’t go big on perfume and so if you went the extra mile and bought him good perfume as a present, it would sure mean a lot.

4. PlayStation

The biggest addiction for men nowadays. It doesn’t matter the age gamers are of different ages. Once you identify that a man is a gamer, buying him the latest play station would be a great idea and would make a great gift!

5. Shoes

Guys are known to be sneaker-heads. Their shoes are pretty expensive though and so if you are able to buy a man a pair of shoes, you’ve got yourself a pretty good gift.

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6. Beard oil

For guys with a beard, buying them oil to moisturize or to increase the rate of beard growth will do!

Just like hair, some men struggle with beard growth and getting the right product to apply will make all the difference.

7. Whiskey

For the consumers of alcoholic beverages, a bottle of whiskey or any alcohol that they enjoy, would also cut it.