Kenyans will always remain the same.

Whether you take them to another country they will still be the same. They are never shy of showing off their peculiar behaviour; taking photos everywhere,┬ástealing and even fighting (Mugabe’s words not mine). Some Kenyans living in Boston, USA have left the nation embarrassed after they were caught fighting in church.

Kenyans Church9

According to sources, the worshippers at the church who are divided into two groups, were discussing selection of a successor pastor, contents of a new revamped Church Constitution, composition of the Church Council members as well as property worth over $1.5 million. They arrived for the first Sunday service following the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against the pastor at the Norfolk Superior Judge; one of the groups against the pastor had sued him but he won the case.

During a recent Sunday service, an elderly woman shifted the worshipers from the praise and worship into a prayer session that lasted several minutes, prompting the pastor to walk to where she was standing and asked her to cut end the prayers so the official service could start but the ‘prayer warrior’ did not stop and continued to pray with the rest of other members begging God to save the church from ‘greedy people’.

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