Time and time again we have heard people say ‘I can’t marry my girlfriend until I know her well’.

Has it ever occurred to you that that might never happen?

Unless you are living in the same house with her, here are people who know your woman more than you do.


The bartender of the club your woman frequents knows her more than you do. He/she has seen your woman at her worst.

From twerking on other men to flirting with strangers he knows all her dirty secrets.


After women fear bouncers they are the ones who see who your woman brings to clubs when you are not around.

The next time you want to treat them badly, think twice about it.

‘I found out my ex was cheating on me via social media’ – Victoria Kimani

Nduthi guy

Time and time again we have heard men complain about how nduthi guys smash or flirt with their women.

Like bouncers, nduthi guys know where your woman goes when you are not watching.

After all, they are saved on speed dial by your woman, always alerting her when you are around and she has a ben 10 in your house or at her house.


When your woman comes home late after a night out in the arms of another man it’s the watchman who sees it first hand.

Even when there is no other man involved, it’s the watchman that helps her up the stairs, so in-case you want to keep tabs on your woman how about giving him some tips.

Qualities every man looks for when looking for a side chic!

Mama wa Kufua

These are women who come to clean your house, wash your clothes or maybe help you cook. 

Such women hold secrets as to who your woman smashes and who pays the rent.

Ukitaka kujua how many men your woman has,ask mama wa kufua.


A gynaecologist knows your woman more than you do. He/she treats your woman for all her sexually transmitted diseases.

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