Brenda Jepkorir and Mukiibi

A Kenyan woman identified Brenda Jepkorir has caused a stir online after opening up about dating a significantly older man.

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The 29-year-old mother of one is in love with a 50-year-old man, Ssemakula Mukiibi, a man she met online. During an interview with Switch TV, she said:

We first met online. There was this conversation that the world was ending in 2011, and some people were making conclusions about things without thinking [deeply] through them. So, we began online conversations with intellectuals, who had philosophical approaches to looking at things around the [controversial] topics. I love thinkers. That is what I found in my husband. Every time I wanted to read what he was saying; we shared and conversed. That is how I got to love him.

Ssemakula on the other hand said that he was ‘turned on’ by Jepkorir’s brain.

I am a sapiosexual; I get turned on more by brains than looks and stuff. She had a unique way of expressing herself, a unique way of writing. She is a brilliant writer. She has a way of writing, talking, doing things which really touch me. Well, things happened. I love brains, she loves brains, and that is why we got together. Maybe, we did not notice the difference between us.

Brenda revealed their 21-year age gap has left them the talk of the town and many people mistake Mukiibi for her father.

Every time when people see us together, it is a problem. Some people think that he is my dad.

She also said people mistake Mukiibi for their son’s grandfather. Ssemakula said:

I have been in a situation where I am walking with our son and Jepkorir, and somebody would say: ‘Are you his grandfather?’ I am like: ‘That is my son’.


We have gotten used to it. I don’t think we thought of it at the time we were starting our relationship. Our age difference is 21.

Brenda is madly in love and says her husband is young at heart:

My husband is really young at heart. When I read him [online], I thought he was a young person. When I read people online, I never look at their profile pictures. Because of his [creative] expression, I thought he was a young person. When we met, I still really liked the way he looked at the world, and it was not about his age.

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