Pinky Ghelani

Former Miss India Kenya and media personality Pinky Ghelani has talked about some of the challenges she has had to go through for being ‘old’.

At only 42 Pinky has had to deal with having everything happening to her being connected to her age.

Taking to her Instagram she wrote,

My mama told me the trick to aging is to age gracefully. Next year it will be 20 years since I won Miss India Kenya! I remember there was a debate; ‘but she’s just not pretty enough’. Or ‘she’s too old’.

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Pinky Ghelani and her husband in a past photo

When I got married they couldn’t stomach that I was 3 years older than him. When I lost my pregnancies, apparently, according to them, it was because my eggs were old. Recently on social media I have been told I look old.

Ghelani went on to add that she has indeed changed in the past two decades but it is something that she is not ashamed about.

But what is this thing we have against age? Is it really such a terrible thing?
Yes of course I have changed from 20 years ago..

I have laugh lines and crows feet. My boobs sag and they haven’t spoken to each other since 2015.
But look at women in their 40s all around you… damn we Slay.

Pinky Ghelani

According to Pinky, most people are in denial about ageing yet it is a stage everyone will go through at some point.

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For her, she has accepted that ageing ni njia ya kila mtu.

Thing is,I don’t think we are in denial. But we do have those eye roll moments that include a 24 year old saying ‘oh em gee am turning 25 like..

My life is over’ or giving us rbf acting like we don’t know squat diddly doo! Honey, we paved the way for you! Look at @jadapinkettsmith @jlo these are women who make aging look graceful, sexy and powerful.
Am excited to get there!!! Yes am getting older, secrets out; it is not only me on this journey, We all getting old.

Women like Angela Bassett are ageing fine and Ghelani hopes to follow suit and prove to people that old is gold.

Let me tell you youngsters something. life does begin at 40 but the best thing is you also stop giving a shit about opinions and garbage talk. And it’s not a big deal if you jiggle when you wiggle.

Aging is beautiful. It’s lovely. People are denied this journey. Look forward to it.
Btw, all my black sisters.

You be 61 and still looking 16… yeah yeah we know, black don’t crack… look at @im.angelabassett.

Her final advice to women is,

Invest in padded bras and ass pads suck in your gut (that’s there because you bore kids or ate two burgers or both or none) and live…

that is what life is meant for.

Fact is every woman should love every inch of herself at every stage in her life. Discover the curves and bumps, the creases and the lines.

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She added,

𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐑 while doing this shoot I met someone who told me that I was giving off @krisjenner vibes. Dude; boss babe extraordinaire.. not grandma… nope not those vibes 🙈

(Shit…) 🤣🤣 ***rereads own caption to remove self doubt***

The long response came about after a male fan called Pinky ‘old’ adding that she did not look too good in some photos she had posted on her Instagram.

Pinky Ghelani posing
Pinky Ghelani

Below are some of the supportive comments from fellow celebrities and her fans

kalekyemumo: Yaaaaaassss 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 we have lived we have done it and we SLAY at 40…

Some of these youngins shaming us yet they are wasting their bodies with what they consume and overindulge in, by the time they turn 30… we are in our 40’s still working hard and looking like Diamonds. Shine baby SHINE 💎💎💎

carolradull: Oh damn I LOVE THIS!!! You go girl! #TukoPamoja❤

juliegichuru: ❤️❤️❤️

_miss_abdy_: golden words beautiful in every way❤️slay vizuri darling life is too short to worry about what people will say🥰

maryamstp01: You have always been beautiful inside and out. Keep shining girlfriend!

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