Y’all need to remember this name, James Maina Mwangi.

He is the guy who dresses in the the most colourful and flashy suits from Monday to Monday.

Speaking to BBC, James said,

“I’m the smartest man, i think, in africa or in the world.”

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He matches everything from the colour of the pen he writes with, the cover of the phone, down to the colour of his inner garments.

He was not always this stylish. James says that he was the laughing stock of his neighbours when he first arrived in Nairobi.


“When I came to Nairobi, I wore one shirt and people would laugh at me because they know my father was a freedom fighter and he was poor.”

This broke his heart and he promised himself, this situation will change.

“That is when I asked God to give me something different from other people. You have to ask God for three things to be like who I am today; Taste, choice and wisom.”

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Check out James Maina  Mwangi showcasing his fashion looks.