Vanessa Mdee, Juma Jux

President Magufuli is not a man of going back on his word. When he said he is going to deal with the drug menace in Tanzania, he meant it and Singer Vanessa Mdee was caught in that drug net.

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The Tanzanian government shocked many when it publicly named and shamed celebrities among suspected drug peddlers, as it sought to fight drug use and abuse. Many artistes were arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. Some were let go while others spent nights in jail.

Vanessa MdeeVanessa Mdee was one of those who spent days in jail. She had just left South Africa where she was shooting ‘Shuga’ only to come back home to news that she was wanted for questioning by the country’s police.

She ended up being jailed for seven straight days, something that really affected her as well as her family and close friends.

In an interview with Shaffie and Adelle on Breakfast with the Stars, her boyfriend Juma Jux opened up about what went down that time, revealing that Vanessa really changed after she left jail.

Nilikua natamani hata ingekua possible tubadilishane, yeye awe nje na mimi niwe ndani. It was a hard time. When she left jail, Vanessa had changed, she wasn’t the same Vanessa Mdee I knew. She even started saying she wants to live the country, if it was not for music then she wouldn’t have been caught in all that. Lakini hiyo situation imemtengeneza na pia imemfundisha kitu flani. Tunashukuru Mungu.”

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He went ahead to explain how Vanessa’s behaviour towards everyone changed including not trusting certain individuals, even stating that if she wasn’t with Juma Jux then she would never have been arrested, leading to their break up.

The guy was just mentioning names of people who were supposed to be arrested. Akasema flani flani na flani waripot kwenye kituo cha polisi. Watu wa kwanza wenye waliitwa, walikua wakienda wanarudi. So Vanessa did the same and she was like maybe this is just a small thing, I’ll go talk to them because I’m not doing anything wrong. Alivyoenda akaambiwa bring your passport, everything. We need to check everything. They checked everything, then wakasema bado wanaendelea na uchunguzi. Nilikua naenda police station kila asubuhi, napark gari alafu nalala. Nilikua nakaa huko the whole day hadi six. I did this for 7 days.”

Juma Jux

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When asked how the whole situation affected their relationship with Vanessa, he said,

“Before Vanessa, I had a girlfriend called Jacky. Alikua na matatizo na kufanya mambo flani ambayo si poa, but I didn’t know anything about it. So Vanessa alipofika akasema ‘Jux maybe all this is because of you coz bila wewe mimi singeitwa hapa’. So Vanessa alipotoka alibadilika, alikua na mambo mingi, she was doubting everybody na mtu yoyote akija kwake anamwambia vitu tofauti. From that time alipotoka pale, ndio tulibreak up.”

Watch the full interview below;

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