Mzungu Joseph Kner

A Ugandan woman only identified as Enid has come out and accused Joseph Kner, the Caucasian man who proposed to Pendo late last year, of conning her.

Enid claims she met Kner on dating site Tagged and he proceeded to con her out of €750 (Sh85,000) in December last year.

We met on a dating site called Tagged and kept in touch from 2017 October up to 25th October 2018 when I met him physically in Uganda

He told me he was coming to Nairobi to solve his daughter’s issue with his baby mama and said he could probably come to Uganda. While in Nairobi, he texted me that he was blocked, he couldn’t travel through JKIA.

Enid says she then agreed to help pay for his plane ticket. The incident happened after he had proposed to local socialite Pendo, only to leave her stranded at a city hotel with a Sh80,000 bill.

The plane ticket receipt.

Enid said:

When he arrived in Europe, I tried to contact him to send me my money but after sometime, he blocked me everywhere. From Whatsapp to phone calls to emails, I could no longer reach him up to date.

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Enid exclusively told that Kner seemed like a good man and that’s why she agreed to help him purchase an air ticket to Norway.

I trusted him because he promised to send money back after he arrives in Norway.

She said she thought her relationship with Kner was real, even though they had only communicated on then phone.

the relationship was good he sounded like a responsible guy. contacted Joseph Kner to respond to the allegations and he confirmed that he indeed knew the Ugandan lady. He said:

I knew this Enid for some time. We were mostly speaking via phone and video calls. With time it was obvious that she just wanted to get out of Uganda for good and needed a sponsor.

Kner went ahead to talk about the ticket Enid helped him purchase, saying:

She offered me help in the way of advancing me the ticket money because I had ordered cash payment to Uganda via my business partner from Europe and the KLM ticketing office closes before I could get the money. So she offered me help. What I didn’t know was the source she borrowed the money.

He continued:

After I received my cash from Europe a few hours later, I paid her UGsh500, 000 part of the money. The rest I left it open till an undefined payment day.

But Enid denied receiving any cash from him, saying:

That’s not true as I was driving back to the airport he offered money for fuel which was like 100 euros (UGsh413, 863) because I had driven him around for the 2 days  he had stayed that worth 750 for the ticket??

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Kner went ahead to confirm that he blocked Enid. He said:

I have blocked her all over because she started to threaten me with all kinds of things again and again. I told her that I have no interest in her and that for sure I would never ever under such knowledge of her i had now give her the chance to come to Europe for whatever plans she had here. 

Her stories didn’t add up, and I am a person who doesn’t say much when I discover things but I act. And that is what I did. So I can assure you that this person is not what she purported to be .

The lady denied threatening and she said:

I simply told him if he didn’t pay back my money I would use Interpol. All I wanted was my money!.

Enid hopes she will get her money back and when asked if she was planning to take legal action, she said:

I had the feeling of taking legal action against him but i gave up. If he is man enough he should pay my money back.

She says that she is exposing him “to save other women who might fall for him”.

I have been in Europe many times before I knew him so he should just shut his mouth. he is a piece of garbage .. he is a thief a traitor. he is a liar. I have never seen a conman like that white man. The media should help Africans not get into traps with such fake white men.

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