Ha! Noti Flow has found her voice and her energy.

Afew weeks ago, we were treated to quite the fight, when Pendo beat Noti Flow like a burukenge -a saying I genuinely do not understand but it gets the people going! Anyway, Noti Flow and Pend have been having a back and forth that often turns violent with Pendo handing out ass whoopings and Noti Flow left to nurse her wounds.

Recently, she met up with Mishi Dora, the breakout star of the reality TV show and they sat down to discuss their fellow cast members and what they were both in agreement with is the fact that Pendo is a bully.

Mishi actually said that she has at one point disrespected Pendo to the point that no person would stomach but Pendo didn’t retaliate. Instead, she silently took the abuse and moved on.

Watch their conversation below: