Nairobi D’s Pendo is gearing up to release a song she has been working on with Darassa and while I think she chose a dope artiste to work with, she took some rather nasty and unnecessary shots at Kenyan MCs.

While speaking to the Pulse, you know, that value add that comes with every Friday edition of The Standard aye? Well, yes, speaking to those guys, she revealed that she traveled to Tanzania to seal the deal with Darassa and his team.

The single is slated for release some time in January as that is when Darassa will be releasing all the other material he has been working on and I guess it would make sense for him to push everything at once seeing as he would have to do media tours.

She was quoted saying,

“Yes, it is true that I will be doing a video with Darasa. The deal is sealed”

And when she was pressed and asked why she didn’t opt to work with Kenyan artistes her response was:

“These artistes cannot afford me,”