The socialite posing

Pendo is one socialite who has the ability to create drama with the flip of a switch. Late last year, she surprised many when she revealed that she was engaged to an older mzungu man.

Pendo engaged
In prior times when she got engaged.

She spoke to exclusively and revealed a lot about what had been going on in her life. One area we were particularly interested in was her relationship with her ex, Joseph Kner.

Joseph Kner

One allegation that reached our news desk, was that she had been abandoned with a huge bill at one Nairobi hotel late last year by Joseph? What was her response?

Well, that is not true, partly true partly not true. To every rumour there is a truth but we handled the situation it was all upon him. Nothing to do with me, it was not on purpose. Nothing to do with me. it was not that he did it purposely. maybe i don’t know. Let bygones be bygones.

Pendo Socialite
In a happier place

She made light of the situation insisting that she would not concern herself anymore with such an old man. She also clarified that she was never arrested after the embarrassing incident at the hotel, saying:

No, I was not arrested. Na arrestiwa aje? I know people. No one can arrest me!

She insisted that that was a lie and that some malicious people might have been paid to spoil her name. We also asked what she thought about the claims by Joseph that their issues stemmed from her only wanting his money.

Pendo's new bae
Joseph Kner

This was an issue for Pendo and she refuted the claim that Joseph had been sponsoring her saying:

Giving me money to do what? For what? I am I not keeping myself right now that he has left? That is bullshit, that this man is talking. Anataka kuoneakana kwa mtandao. Anataka wanawake wengine. Probably he saved up all his money to come and impress Pendo and yes I was impressed. Yes, I ate! 

The socialite posing


Keep it here, as there is a lot more to come from Pendo concerning her ex.

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