Kamene Goro Pendo Pendo

Former Ebru TV host Kamene Goro has come out to reveal the Kenyan celebrities that she disliked.

Answering Mpasho Quick fire questions, the ex screen siren was asked if there are celebrities that disgust her.

You guessed it right. She mentioned reality stars Pendo and Mishi Dorah.

“Those two names came to my head. First of all let me say they give a very poor image of Kenyan women.I don’t belive you should humiliate and embarass yourself on national TV no matter how much you get.”

she added:

“Pendo and Mishi Dorah…As it is, the show has a huge following.Its unfortunate when you meet women of substance like myself, its very easy to think people me are like them.”


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Here is the new video: