If you’re a fan of Mishi Dora on Nairobi Diaries sorry, she might be missing in action from next week.

Mishi Dorah

The curvaceous socialite yesterday before the show revealed that she had a major announcement and she shared the post below on her Instagram.

Mishi Dora

Later in the night, MIshi Dora went live and her shocking revelations left her fans sympathizing with her. She disclosed how she has gone through hell at the hands of Ciggie (her lover on the show).

“I can’t be on the same show with you Ciggie,  you have a job and I don’t have one. Go back to your job and let me continue being on Nairobi Diaries because this is my main hustle. This is what pays my bills, feeds my kids, and orphans. My mother doesn’t have a job now, I have to handle everything,” she the teary mother of two.

Mishi Dorah and Ciggie Johnson

Mishi Dora went ahead to narrate how Pendo, her fellow cast betrayed her and she said:

“I don’t go around sleeping with men I work hard for my money. Pendo betrayed me and if she’s gonna pick things with Ciggie, that’s fine. I’m not going to be on Nairobi Diaries anymore. Ciggie still wants to be in ND and there’s no way I’m going to be on the show with him. I would rather lose my job than be there with him.”

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The reality star, who recently lost her father also revealed that Ciggie is a batterer and…

“He keeps threatening me with his mother telling me that I should pretend in public that we’re still dating. But we’re not fine in the real sense. I’m not going to be in Nairobi Diaries, Ciggie will be in ND because he wants to take my position. He’s that selfish. Just go back to your job and leave my life alone. You only have one kid you’re taking care off unlike me. Leave my life! I can pick myself up and get another man and continue with my life,” sobbed Mishi Dora.

She added that:

“Nigga has even the guts of betting me up. Forcing me to do things he wants his way. He has to be in ND no matter what. You can have all you want but I know God will never let me and my kids go hungry.  God will fight my battles.  Thank you all who supported me when I was in Nairobi Diaries.”

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