Pendo is under pressure to prove that she was not nyemelearing Mishi Dora’s bae, Ciggie.

Mishi went off on her during the latest episode of Nairobi D.

It was ugly.

Pendo took to Insta-live to clear her name late last night.

“I’m here to clear my name, do you know how long it has taken to build my brand and name?”

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Pendo. photo credit: instagram/the ghetto princess

Asked if this latest scandal will see her leave the show or get fired.

Pendo retorted:

“I’m not leaving the show. Is it you they are paying or it is me? Sitatoka hapa mpaka ile siku watanifuta. ukiona nimetoka hapa jua wamenifuta.”

Pendo explained that the whole, Ciggie-Mishi saga is “not about me, or who wants who, it is about their relationship.”

She went on to explain,

“Apparently nimemuibia bwana, sijui kivipi. Because I borrowed a camera and Mishi said I told ciggie she f*cked Baysic. I REMEMBER she was the one who told us his d*ck is small. How did she know his lolo is small? If she said so basi ameiona na basi ameitumia.”

Pendo went ahead to explain how Ciggie ended up having her number, although in all honesty, if you Google Pendo you will find her number online from her saga a while back when she refused to pay for a dildo that was delivered to her doorstep.

Anyhow, I digress.

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Pendo explained that, Ciggie went live on Instagram using her phone and later he took photos using Pendo phone.

Ciggie then input his number into Pendo’s phone and sent himself the photos.

Pendo said the only other time she spoke to Ciggie was when she was “asking about the camera and the charges. We did not talk again. Mishi, you should apologise to me. Vile alilia sana [On the show]. She is an actress.”

Adding that she is not worried that Mishi will fight her at the reunion,

“I don’t care. it is just not that deep for me. Hata yeye anajua amedanganya, I’m not worried about that, even she knows that deep down in her heart.”

To clarify further that she doesn’t care one aota for Ciggie, Pendo said,

“Ciggie is not my type, manze, hata ni kama umenitusi.”

She then went ahead to say Mishi Dora has “self esteem” issues for thinking up an affair where there is none.

“Ciggie is not my type. Sioni kama mimi na Mishi we can have the same taste in men. We are two different people.”

Ciggie described Pendo as “Waaaay prettier in person”.

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