Nairobi D is back with a bang. And when I say a bang, I don’t mean from any little gun, this na bomb blast!

During an all white party hosted by Colonel Mustafa, things went sideways with Mishi Dora engaging nearly all the females at the party. Aye, she was caught up in a back and forth with Risper Faith, Sera Molly, Michelle Yola and Pendo.

For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the argument she had with Pendo. In it, she made some bombastic accusations about Pendo having aborted Oliech’s child. To be fair, there had been rumours in a bygone day that Pendo and Oliech were doing the wombolombo something. A rumour I never paid any mind to BUT it’s what Mishi tied her attacks to.

Now, the way these heifers talk, I wouldnae be surprised to learn that it was all about some messy and petty verbal jab and has no merit. But then again, who knows? So I decided to be the one who knows and I asked Pendo and Oliech.

When I spoke to Pendo, what she said was,

“Mishi needs help. I don’t think she’s okay. She needs mental help.”

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As at the time I was putting this story to bed, Oliech was still unavailable for comment. But we will still be calling him for a comment.