Lamba lolo has been a popular phrase in Kenya. Many have different definitions of the word and it’s not clear what lamba lolo means.

Lamba lolo

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‘Lamba lolo means licking nunu!’ Kenyans give their take on what the popular phrase means

Well, photoshopped pictures of a school van from Komarock estate written Lala lolo group schools have left Kenyans confused among them Jeff Koinange and he took to social media to ask Kenyans what the real meaning of lamba lolo is.

“Can somebody please tell me what “lamba lolo” means, I’ve been hearing it all over but nobody wants to tell me,” Jeff wrote on Facebook.

Social media users flooded n the comment section giving their views on the latest slang but one of Jeff’s followers annoyed him by claiming that he was responsible for Lillian Muli’s pregnancy.

Alex Nyash: It means that Lilian Muli’s pregnancy belongs to you

Jeff Koinange: KUMBAFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Weenie Waithaka: Lamba lolo ni ile design unaonanga boy kwa stage,,the closer anakam miguu zako znaisha nguvu punde si punde kajasho kembamba kanaanza kumwagika..alafu akikuangalia tu!!!unaskia kushiver karibu ujisusulie……ako kafeeling

Kamanda Maroon’s: Jeff I told you long time ago you’re an old folk jembe
lamba Loooo means ….taste lollipop

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Evans Omollo: Lamba lolo is what Sen. Moses Wetangula is undergoing now. Ana lamba lolo. Ask Weta how it feels

Ches Wizzy: Its starts….ona huyuu….!!!! Lamba lila lolo…its just an expression to us ,just as you tell your people its smoookiiiin, yetu ni hii

Kevin Kipyego: Meanwhile it seems you people you dont want to tell jeff the truth..nikulamba lolipop dio kulamba lolo!

Mwema Robert: Its a slang meaning “BJ” now you know.

Chris Keryn: khai khai mzae funga maskio zngne ztakupea heart attack upelekwe kenyatta upelekwe theatre kufanyiwa brain surgery na uko na hrtattack relax now aa.

Yewy Fester:  it means kumumunya lollipop…ile sweet unalamba ukiangalia dame na sexy eyes