Ciru Muriuki vs Wazir Chacha

Wazir Chacha, the young man who became popular after he was exposed for conning female MPs.

Benson Masubo Chacha
Benson Masubo Chacha hiding his workshop

The lad, whose real name is Wazir Benson Masubo, was sharing pictures of female politicians (those he was probably close to) on social media and he even shared photos in bed with former Bomet County woman rep Cecilia Ngetich.

Benson Masubo Chacha

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In April, Wazir Chacha who was accused of conspiring to defraud MPs and the public was arrested and later freed on a bond of Ksh 3m by a Nairobi Magistrate’s court.

Welll, Wazir Chacha is back on social media and he has been hunting for new ‘clients’. He recently inboxed K24’s Alfajiri host Ciru Muriuki but she did not fall into his trap.

Ciru Muriuki

Ciru told him off and she shared the screenshot on social media and captioned:

“Look who’s in my DMs. I’M NOT BOARDING.”

Below is the screenshot

Ciru Muriuki

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Check out reactions for Ciru Muriuki’s followers

Sam Mkenya: Kwinished! Anyway, cha muhimu ni uhai siste! Hahahahahahah!

Mildred Awino: The nerve!😂😂😂

Jos’e Ndung’u: Give it a try

Philomena Njoroge:  Hahaa He goes for the finest

Veroh Kinyanjui: 😂😅😂Ciru ukipendwa pendek

Mohamed Daud Ali: Hehehe. Ciru you are not boarding, the response tells it all.

Ikon Mwalo: Hahah interesting..let the boy child appreciate a beautiful woman in peace

Tee Smartee Smart: Woi Ciku kuja tufanye prayer and fasting. This is the devil setting a trap for you

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