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Radio personality Patricia Kihoro has come out to finally respond to the news that she was caught making out with other women.

The sexy radio personality said her mother introduced her to a gay man, so she would not take it as an insult if someone said she is lesbian.

“My mother has supported my work from the start and she always respects my opinion. The first people I ever met who were openly gay were friends of my mum. I was probably 16 years and she didn’t make a big deal about it, and therefore I also did not learn that was a big deal,” Kihoro said.

Patricia Kihoro


She was speaking at the official screening of lesbian film Rafiki after the court lifted a ban on it.

“I have been accused of being a lesbian but first of all, it is not an accusation, because calling me a lesbian is not an insult as I have met wonderful human beings who are homosexual and are far better than people who have stood in certain standards of judging others.

So that is why I never speak about it. I am who I am, you know! I know what I stand for and my family knows what I stand for.

She said the reason she does not speak about it is that she has friends who are homosexuals.

“I can never defend myself or say I am not this and that because that will offend my friends, who are what I am saying I’m not. The people who matter to me know better who I am, so I will never defend myself.”

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Kihoro said it is unfair for the society to only support people to marry the opposite sex.

“There is a question on the institution of the family because men are supposed to be with women and that we are going to stop humanity and I am like, does having homosexuals in your space make you think that I am not able to sire children?” she said.

“That argument does not make sense to me because if you know what your sexuality is, then any other person’s sexuality should not have any effect on yours.”  

Patricia kihoro

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