Pastor Pius Muiru of the Maximum Miracle Centre is one of the most popular pastors around. The televangelist, who once contested for the presidential seat back in 2013, is living large.

Muiru is known for his lavish lifestyle and just like his counterparts, the likes of Bishop Kiuna, self-proclaimed prophet Kanyari and apostle James Ng’ang’a he is also rich. He lives in one of the city suburbs where he has built a mansion which fans and churchgoers got to see during his daughter’s wedding.

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Well, in March 2017, Pastor Muirui’s mom was brutally murdered and buried by people well known to the family.

Her body was later exhumed from the shallow grave and given a befitting send-off. Mourners at the funeral were left wagging tongues after seeing Muiru’s village mansion.

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He lives like a king.

His Kigumo palatial home proves so.

Below is the photo of Muiru’s mansion everyone is talking about, check out the photo

Pastor Pius Muiru