Pastor Ng'ang'a

Pastor Nganga has hit the headlines. This time for something he did in his church, Neno Evangelism.

The pastor was filmed on TV castigating his bishops for orchestrating a coup and “disrespecting his wife”

“I hear people are talking, a lot [about my legal woes]. If you climb up a tree I will cut it down. I’m addressing you bishops in my church. If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my ministry. It doesn’t matter who you are. Even if, we were born together. This time around I will show you my power. Any woman in this church that won’t respect my wife, tomorrow go and erect your own church. Name it after yourself,” he said in a rant.

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Pator Ng'ang'a with his wife
Pastor Ng’ang’a with his wife

Pastor Nganga went on with his rant. He did not pull any punches. He went in on his bishops, H.A.R.D.

You stupid people, you found me here! I have watched you amass wealth here at my church with those others. Stupid. Arrogant [bishops]. You found me here preaching. You came to me with unkempt hair. Useless people.

He finished the insult off with a crisp,


Walking up into the pulpit, the Neno Evangelism founder continued with his rant,

“There is nothing you people can tell me. I’m Neno [Evangelism]. I’m facing these battles because of Neno. Satan wants to bring me down. That is why the devil is fighting me all over the media.  Alafu, you sit there with your wife and you think you will castrate me?”

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James Ng'ang'aHe continued, “If you want to call yourself bishop, or whatever, make a note where you have come from. You came to me with your wife in tattered clothes. You should respect me. When I cough you should jump the same way you used to when you were broke.”

He added, “And if you mess with me I will scrap all your roles as bishops [and affiliate churches] and remain with Neno only. I don’t like rubbish.”

“I have heard rumours but this time around you will see me in full colours. I want my full respect from anyone who knows they were circumcised even that parliamentarian was removed from the group because he could not control it,’ said the angry preacher.

Pastor Nganga now standing on the pulpit, pauses, looks at the congregation and issues a warning.

“Before October 20. I’m targeting you bishops if I do not bring you down. I’m not called [by God]. You must respect me. You must. If you don’t I will bring you down.”

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