Pastor Nganga went viral for embarrassing a woman in his church for wearing rubber shoes and carrying a paper bag.

Now, another video has emerged of him trying to bully a female congregant into submission.

This time around, in the video, the female congregant stares him down and will not bow to his bullying tactics.

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The two can be seen taking a defensive stance as the female congregant even sneers at teh Neno Evangelism founder and says something back to him.

An Angry Pastor Nganga then tells her “So what?”

He is seen fuming as he breached her personal space still shouting at her saying, “So what?”

He even hits her with his elbow. The female congregant still maintains her rebellious stance and still answers him back. With a sneer on her face.

An even angrier Nganga gauds her further, shouting in her face,

“So what? Wewe utafanya nini?

This happens as other congregants cower and watch the confrontation.

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Here are photos from the confrontation.

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