Days, after billionaire Manu Chandaria renewed his wedding vows to his wife of 64 years, celebrity pastor Chris Atemo, has confessed his wedding reception had no food.

Chris who is known for his appearances on KTN’s Life and Style says that like Manu Chandaria he opted for a simple wedding.

There was no money and the orders we were to make and pay later the suppliers said they could not buy the products without money.

A certain guy had given me Ksh 3000 to buy my wedding shoes and that is what I gave out for food.

Chris Atemo with Willis Raburu and Annitah Raey

After the wedding the caterer came to me and told me God had multiplied food given that people came in and found food to eat.

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Atemo goes on to add his groomsmen could also not afford the Ksh 4,500 suits

On the wedding day there was bad traffic and there was no car to pick me as I had told the car to go pick my then wife to be on Ngong road.

My men could not afford the cash to buy suits to be my groomsmen so they all backed out. My friends came though for me but they came in entirely different attire.

On my wedding day I jumped into a matatu from Gumba and picked my niece and got into a cab into Ngong road.

After the wedding, Chris and his new wife did not even have a honeymoon destination.

The lady who had picked my wife came back to pick us up.

when they were getting us out of the wedding ground they asked where we were going and we said ‘home’.

There was no home because we were trying to find a new place to stay and we could’t. The man offered to pay a place for us to stay for 3 nights. He also  gave us some pocket money.

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Just when you think you have heard enough Chris confesses that even the wedding gown his wife wore belonged to someone else.

In conclusion, Chris says,

Marriage is a commitment and if you are not committed to each other it does not matter what you do on your wedding day.

We are spending more on A wedding and the duration of marriage is getting shorter.

The couple has been married for 12 years.

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