Apostle Jesse Karanja
Apostle Jesse Karanja and his wife

That pastors have a lot of power in this our African continent is not in doubt. They are so manipulative that they can get their sheep to some astounding things that beggar belief.

What certain pastor are we reporting about today? According to Citizen digital, a pastor in Bahati area, Nakuru county declined to officiate at a wedding because the couple marrying did not meet church standards.

What happened exactly?

The couple Joyce Waithera and her fiance Paul Waithaka were set to get married at Mizpah House of Prayer on Saturday with friends and family attending in a 1 million shillings wedding!

The wedding car
The wedding car

But that did not happen as the Apostle Jesse Karanja asked for a series of medical tests from both the bride and the groom so they could get married. They were to undergo an HIV test and return to him with their results before he would officially marry them.

Don’t forget this request was made at about 1 PM, a time that the wedding ceremony was supposed to have been finished. The couple acquiesced and returned with their negative results for both the HIV and pregnancy test.

But the pastor was still not happy and asked them to do another test at 4 PM which they did with the same negative result popping up. But that wasn’t still good enough for the “Man of God”, he asked for another test but at the clinic of his choice.

At this clinic, the tests results indicated that the bride was HIV+ and that she was pregnant. Even with this shocking result the couple still wanted the ceremony to go on as the results would remain a secret. But the pastor had other plans as he kept the guests waiting until 6 pm.

He then emerged and said that he could not officiate the wedding because the law does not allow weddings to be conducted past 6 pm. The couple left hurriedly while they left the guests to eat the food that had been prepared.

Apostle Karanja spoke about the affair on Sunday to his congregation and said:

Yesterday, we were supposed to have a wedding but it did not happen. The main reason is that our standards as a Christian church organization were not met. Every member must adhere to some basic christian standards. Any deviation calls for the church not to perform any christian ordinance. We had given the couple up to Friday to fulfill some standard requirements of this ministry because we proclaim living a life of purity. We advocate sex out of marriage for young people. We have set our own biblical standards that everyone must meet. There are other personal reasons that we cannot give you.

But the groom’s father was unhappy according to Citizen digital saying:

Even if he hates this young man, he should not have done that. This man has been a member of his church for the last six years. He has really heartbroken this young couple. His actions are very suspicious.

What do you think?

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