Maina Kageni

Classic FM’s and Manchester United’s die hard fan Maina Kageni is one of the most powerful and influential media personalities around. He is well known for his creativity on air especially when advertising products. Maina Kageni can make you buy a product even if you were not willing to. The way he talks about something will make you fall in love with it even if you are not interested.

Well, over the weekend Manchester United’s striker Wayne Rooney celebrated his 30th  birthday but too bad Maina Kageni did not attend. But why? Was he tired after a long night at the Dru Hill Concert where he was mceeing?

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Wayne Rooney’s party was held at Hilton Hotel in his home city of Liverpool after a goalless draw with arch-rivals Manchester City.

Wayne Rooney

The party saw Wayne Rooney’s team mates attend accompanied by their girlfriends. Here are the photos from Wayne Rooney’s birthday