Ballers party
Jay Staxs (L) and Babu Owino

Rich kids of Kenya are busy enjoying life while ordinary Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet especially during this ‘cursed’ month Njaanuary.

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Njaanuary ni wewe! Flashy businessman Matiba spends 303k on alcohol in a single night

In some parts of the country, Kenyans are busy fighting with locusts so as to save their food but for rich kids, life is cool. They don’t know the struggle poor people go through.

Well, after a city businessman Tim Matiba spent Sh 303,000 on alcohol in a single night, flashy businessman and rich kid Jay Staxx has done so too.

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The two spent Sh389,650 on drinks at the iBury Lounge in Riverside, Nairobi and below is a breakdown of how much they spent.

Bellaire Rare Rose 750 ml – Sh 5k for wholesale price.

Hennessy VSOP – Sh 8,500

Hennessy VSOP GB COGNAC 1.5l – Sh 16,000

The above prices are wholesale prices, meaning the price is double in clubs.

Below are the photos

Jay Staxx
Jay Staxx shows of Hennessy drinks
Jay Staxx
Rich kid Jay Staxx shows off a bottle of champagne
Jay Staxx
‘Light work,’ Jay Staxx captioned the bill receipts

Jay Staxx

Jay Staxx
The two were later joined by friends

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