Mumbi is a Kenyan musician and a song writer.

Well, she lives in USA but she is in Kenya for a media tour to promote her EP, For The Culture.

But you know her from her fabulous cover of Just a Band’s Just For Lovers. Here is your video to refresh your mind.

During an interview with Kiss FM’s breakfast presenters, Adelle and Shaffie, she shared her journey to starting her music career.

“I will be relocating to Kenya soon. Having been brought up in Botswana, I started my music there and had influence from the likes of Brenda Fas sie and that is where I picked up my singing.”

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So where did she start recording her music?

“I started recording in Dallas when I was seventeen for the first time.

You know African parents do not support their children in talents, but I started anyway but I had a degree for them to support me.

After my degree that is when I started doing music.

I have not reached that point where i feel like giving up because I say to myself, if people love my music, then they love me.”

So did she study anything in Music?

“No, I am good with people and my mum is a nurse mid-wife and she really pushed me in that direction.”

Asked if she would go back to nursing like her mother wished, she said no despite having done the course.

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Well, she has an EP called For the Culture.

“I named my EP For The Culture because I am culturally diverse maybe because I have been raised from different places.”

Listen to the whole interview;

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