Popular Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia known to many as Omosh has been on the show for over 10 years. During that time, he made a huge impression on audiences of the popular show.

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Speaking about his financial status at the time, Omosh said

“If you knew how much we are given? Per episode, we got Ksh 18,000 per episode and maybe you are in two episodes a month and if you are ab extra its Ksh 10,000 so you have to hustle to make ends meet. You find that your name is big but your pockets have nothing. We are also not being paid for the re-runs.”

He got depresses and it was one of the reasons he sought out alcohol to soothe his pain.

“I went to rehab on my own violation. when I tried quitting on my own I would last 2 weeks and if I relapse I would go for 3 months hitting the bottle hard.”

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Asked how he dealt with the death of fellow veteran actor Papa Shirandula, Omosh said,

“It was a big hit for me. There was a time we meet when he was in Makutano Junction over lunch time. He saw me walking around killing time because I had nothing to do -I was an extra wale hupita nyuma – he called me and we talked, from there we hit it off.  We formed a friendship and then we meet in Tahidi and we maintained our friendship.”

He added,

“I did not attend his funeral because I was flat broke and they had restrictions due to covid-19.”

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