Papa Shirandula TV series actresses Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wibroda and Jacky Vike aka Awinja are best friends. The two became friends after meeting on set [shooting Papa Shirandula].

Speaking to MC Jessy during an interview on his YouTube channel, the two actresses said they were really affected by Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula’s death.

‘Just a few days before he passed on, we had just finished shooting a new project. We were the last peOPLE to be with him. TULIKUWA tunaishi kwa set, we were staying in an establishment coz WE used to do night shoots,’ Wilbroda said.

She added that Papa was part of the cast and they had already shot five episodes.

‘His passing on really hit us hard’.

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Awinja, who played the role of Papa’s niece in the local TV series Papa Shirandula spoke about their relationship, praising him.

He was like a father to me. When I got pregnant he was very mad at me. Even when he heard Naliaka [who played the role of Shirandula’s daughter] was going to wed, he was upset and asked so many questions about her new man. He was so overprotective. I respected Papa so much. We had a daughter-father relationship,’ she said.

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Speaking about working with Papa Shirandula a few months before he died, Awinja said,

He brought the young and old actors on board and after his death, we started thinking he was like saying goodbye.


Taking about working on the new project, Wilbroda said,

During the shoot at times, we would shut him down coz he and the veteran actors were reminiscing their good old days. It was a reunion on set. During his last days, he was so happy and excited.

She continued,

After his passing , now the way he used to speak about his own daughter we get to realise how he protected his daughter iN the same way he protected us.

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