Simon Mwangi, brother to the late gospel artiste Papa Dennis has for the first time publicly opened up on how his brother died.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Papa Simo as he is fondly know said

‘When he went out I do not understand what happened.

We are still waiting for DCI to give us a report as they are still trying to identify the cause of his death.


Going by the postmorterm we were showen the body of someone who had fallen from second floor and his bones were broken but my brothers body was still intact.

This was despite people saying he fell from 7th floor’

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He added,

‘We were in the studio around 9:00 pm and we were called around 10:00 pm and that is when we fo

He was breathing but he was nose bleeding, he did not speak.

It’s like he had internal bleeding, I tried touching him but by the time the ambulance came he was already dead.’

Simon added,

‘We were twins and I am the one who used to run most of his businesses. I was like his PA. We used to go every where together.

Right now I cannot say anything because the pain I was feeling I felt on the first day has gone down.’

Papa Dennis was laid to rest yesterday at his parents’ home in Matunda, Likuyani constituency, Kakamega County.

The Foundation hitmaker died and the cause of his death is still trying to identify the cause of his death.

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