Gospel star Papa Dennis would be alive if only there was speedy emergency response.

Papa’s twin brother, Simon Mwangi has revealed that at 11:30pm when they were alerted that he had jumped from Kirima Building, he was still alive.

Here is narration as told to K24 news.

“I was at Jamhuri with Papa Dennis earlier Friday. He left and went to Pangani. At around 9pm, I joined him in Pangani. He had asked me to take him his passport.

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“After accessing the studio, I went and greeted other people, who were in a different room.

“I spent time with his friends, and later decided to look for my brother. I went to the recording booth, he wasn’t there. I accessed the kitchen, he wasn’t there. I went to the washroom, I did not find him there.

“After failing to find him in all the rooms of the studio, I thought he had gone to the shop to get something. His producer and I waited for him for hours, but he did not return.

“I asked the producer to call Papa Dennis and ask him to bring us food from outside.

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Papa dennis and the twin brotherd“The producer’s phone calls to Papa went through, but he did not pick up.

“After waiting for Papa Dennis for long without seeing him, the studio manager known as Luva called the producer and told him that he had been informed by security guards manning Kirima Building that the body of a youthful man resembling Papa Dennis had been found lying on a ground near the building.

“We rushed out. The caretaker told us that he had heard a person thud against the ground from the upper floors.

“We confirmed that the victim was Papa Dennis, my brother. He was still alive at the time. We called different ambulance services, but they took long to respond. We flagged down an ambulance that was driving past the scene, but it did not stop. Another drove past the area, and it stopped. The medics examined Papa Dennis, and told me: ‘Your brother is dead, we are sorry’.

“Police officers from Pangani took hours to come to the scene to collect the body. Let us join hands to give Papa Dennis a proper send-off.”

Police in their statement ruled that Papa Dennis may have committed suicide due to depression. His body was taken to City Mortuary.

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