The battle between married women and mpango wa kandos seems unlikely to end any time soon. Many married men go around tasting different honeypots without caring about the consequences.

‘He ‘Eats’ Everything And Any Hole Available!’ Mpango Wa Kando Savagely Attacks Cheating Lover

Some end up being killed by their side dishes’ lovers and others even contract diseases and infect their wives. Indeed, married women are strong. They face a lot of challenges but for the sake of children and marriage, some opt to stay in such bad relationships than walk away.

woman beating man

A disgruntled Kenyan woman has exposed her husband’s side dish on Facebook. Apparently, her husband and his mpango wa kando have been sleeping together, and to make matters worse, they have been doing it in his matrimonial bed.

‘I Caught My Husband Of 6 Years On Top Of My Niece On Our Matrimonial Bed!’ Narrates Kenyan Woman

She has given her husband’s mpango wa kando the go-ahead to enjoy his ‘banana’, but warned her to have some manners and have sex somewhere else, not in their matrimonial bed.

“Be warned you bitch! panua hiyo kinembe yako ya mende kwa my hubby but not on my bed. Let me get you tena, you won’t like it! There are so many places for doing that but not in my house. Next time I will skin you alive,” posted the angry woman. 

Ladies, would you do this to your fellow women?