Christina Shusho

Life is full of challenges and marriage is no exception so hang in there, gospel singer Christina Shusho has urged couples.

Speaking on her Youtube Channel called Bintina Shusho said, “I am a person who has gone through pain. I have cried. People who know me know that I have been in a place where I have packed my bags and said I am going to go.”

“But one night I said to myself, for how long will I cry? I said I will live my life. It wasn’t an easy decision. After that, my decision changed a lot of things. Not only my thinking but also my body.

“I have been broken to pieces.

Shusho said most celebrity couples show their fans the good side of marriage but deal with the ugliness in private

“Leave these couple goals on social media, they also have hardships. They are making money out of what they are showing you. The truth is they are in pain,” she said.

“I want to tell you that let’s just stop [this] business of separation. If a woman wants to separate today, tomorrow she will meet another one and would prefer the previous one. Atakupeleka mbio.”

Christina Shusho

The Ning’are hitmaker urged couples to make it work with their current partners.

“There is no human being who is an angel. If you want to make things right, it is your personal decision, no man or woman is going to mend you. Yes, there are those people who slow you down, but the solution shouldn’t be a breakup. Fix your things. The problem is you. Things will align.

“Don’t separate, don’t divorce, don’t go anywhere. If you are a woman, shape your man to understand you. You just can’t get everything. If you are a man, you can’t get a woman that is a hundred percent but you can get something from her that impresses you”

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