Tamara Risheel, ‘Uhuru’s daughter’ took the internet by storm when she was spotted carrying a  placard stating she wants to hug her “daddy”.

Well, she came on Chipukeezy’s show where she finally spoke up and we heard her side of the story. So get this, she is not really Uhuru’s daughter but she believes she is at heart. Yes, she loves the president too much that she proclaims she is his daughter.

Tamara made a placard and went to the streets to ask for help so that she can see her dad, Uhuru. The placard read:

meet Tamara risheel unknown president uhuru kenyatta’s daughter. my big dream is to meet my daddy in person for the first time. i love my daddy

Of course, this shocked many Kenyan’s and even before we had time to absorb the shock, she was arrested. The charges are not so clear but she was released with the help of Starehe MP, Jaguar and Chipukezzy who later brought her to his show.

Last year, Tamara posed naked at archives in town. Her whole body was painted to wish the president a merry Christmas. It did not reach the president yet she wanted his attention. Tamara writes at least 150 songs in a day and now she has 30,000 songs.

#IfikieUhuru Girl claims to be President Uhuru’s unknown daughter (photos)

She is passionate about music especially to do with Uhuru and Sonko. Last year during the election period, she did a song to praise Uhuru Kenyatta. In the song, she did a rap that was basically wishing Uhuru the very best in his second term presidency. This got Tamara in trouble as she lived in Huruma then.

Huruma was a pro-Raila area then and her song was completely off at that moment. She received death threats which made her leave Huruma and she went to live in the streets. Tamara also lost the sponsor who took care of her educational fee. She left school in year 10, American system and she says she now wants to concentrate on her music.

In one of her 30,00 songs, she sings to Uhuru out of love saying she wants to hug him for the first time ever and she pleads with him to listen to her song. Tamara has the hope that one day she will be bigger than Rihana. All her songs are written but she has no money to publish them.

Thank God for MP Jaguar, he has come through for her and decided to give her an opportunity to publish her songs at MainSwitch production. She was excited to see Jaguar because she has featured him on the cover of her song on Sonko.

Tamara does not have parents but a brother but she has been homeless from the 12th of August until a woman took her to live with her in Kawangware. Her dream is to own a home now that she is of age and she will live with the lady who took her.

Watch her full interview with CHipukeezy here courtesy of Ebru TV: