Janet Wangui shot at City Park

The husband of Janet Wangui Waiyaki, the woman who was shot at City Park, Nairobi has confirmed that his second wife was having an affair with his nephew.

Janet Wangui

The late, 41 years old and her nephew Bernard Chege, 26, were reported to be having an illicit affair for quite a while, despite numerous warnings from close family members.

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According to the police, Wangui and Chege were having sex inside their car at the public park on the fateful Sunday, when they were ambushed and shot.  Reports claim that when the police officers ordered them to lower the windows of the car

“Chege is said to have stopped what they were doing and jumped to the driver’s seat and attempted to drive off. The cops opened fire after the occupants allegedly refused to cooperate,” at least according to the Nairobian.

This was after police officers had been informed that a tinted black car had remained stationed at the same spot for a long time since 8 am,  leaving many anxious, prompting a security guard to alert the police.

According to the Nairobian,” the police reportedly found Wangui’s underpants on the floor of the car and recalled that ‘she was occupying the front passenger’s seat, which had traces of semen.'”

George Kirubi, Wangui’s husband, whom they have three sons with, told the Nairobian that losing his wife in such a manner was painful.

“It’s painful news for anyone to bear, for now, can’t talk much because it’s a police case. We hope they will tell us the truth.”

They were rushed to hospital but Wangui succumbed to a gunshot wound and her nephew is still receiving treatment.

The two were married for 16 years and were living in Donholm’s Harambee Estate, while Kirubi’s first wife resides at the Greenspan estate not far from the second wife’s.

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Chege is the son of Kirubi’s kate brother Joseph Chege.