Jacque and Cate Maribe
Sisters Jacque and Cate Maribe

TV anchor Jacque Maribe and her fiance Jowie have been remanded at Lang’ata Women’s Prison and Industrial Area prison respectively until Monday when they will take pleas for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

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Yesterday while in court, Maribe broke down in tears and her family, that is; her father, mother, and sister were there to comfort her.

Jacque Maribe crying
Jacque Maribe crying

It’s been a tough time for not only Maribe but also her son and baby daddy Eric Omondi, who has since broken his silence on the case.

Maribe’s sister has been with her through thick and thin and she is extremely affected by what her sibling is going through.

Jacque Maribe

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Cate’s latest message to Jacque Maribe is very emotional and we can only hope for the best. She wrote;

The pain that I feel in my heart is beyond this world…. But my spirit is calm because I know that this is God using us to show that he is Jehovah…

Cate’s powerful words have moved many and here is what they had to say about Jacque’s case:

njihiarose Nice…mungu yuko

esticohmsoh All the best jackie uve bn in my prayers

gathigiam My prayers are with your Family

evans_bwana: My prayers for my favorite gal @jacquemaribe

julezshishi: My prayers and thoughts are with your family #istandwithjacque

maryanne_mwihaki It shall be well…our prayers are with you

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mum_kyle I know and believe God will come through it’s darkest before dawn…hugs my dear.

muthonindungu The devil will be defeated.

wairimu_wa_mwai It is well.

fonywakio: Cate Maribe, just be easy dear, there’s no situation is permanent.  feel for Jacky like if she’s my sister or a friend but l felt for her tears and the hugs she had with Mr Maribe it was indeed sad.Pole sana

lynorwa It shall be well. He never said the battle will be easy but He promised it will be worth the fight.be strong.
faithmusilu@jacquemaribe what is impossible with men is possible with God.. @catewamaribe take heart and be strong for your sister..all this too shall pass…Jesus it got him one day he asked Father take away this cup but if it is your will let it be…God knows the best for all this..His way will prevail.

jannette It shall be well. She is in our prayers…. God will show you that He is God! Very soon

forever_clex Am so pained @Cate, in deep down she is very innocent.. I couldn’t control my tears. It shall be well in Jesus name.

nyambura So sorry. I’m praying for your sis, May God see your family through this difficult time. Words are not enough to explain how sad it is. Stay strong

julezshishi @catewamaribe We are with your family in prayers and trust that all this will come to pass. It’s just a matter of time!

njihiaroseGod is a coach and not a referee..his there believing in the Maribes ..yes it will be painful but joy will come ..one day one morning

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faizkiarie May God be your strength and your family fortress, it will come to pass.

saludasantozAll will be well my sister No situation is permanent

Lizmbogoh All will be well I believe Jackie is innocent and they only mistake she had was falling in love May God strengthen her, your family and most esp her little one all will be well this story has taught me that only family is our close friend

mercy_wa_magyAll is well dear and God Will see you through this trying times