Robert Burale
The pastor posing

Stylish pastor Robert Burale has celebrated one doctor who stood by him through the tough times when he was battling Covid-19 weeks ago.

When Burale shared photos while hospitalized, many made sick jokes out his situation, something that would have easily made him even more stressed.

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But one doctor whom Burale identified as Lyndzie proved that there are still people with good morals out there.

Taking the opportunity to celebrate her on his social media platform, he wrote

‘Pain sometimes leads you to strangers who become great friends.

Help me celebrate this great doctor who stood by me and stuck out her neck during my pain season.

Came to see me in hospital and also bravely faced “some” people on my behalf. Spoke when I could not speak(wuehhhhh you are tough) .

Doctor may the Lord bless you big time. May you always see the Goodness of God…you have a heart of Gold. This world is better with people like you. @dr_lyndzie you are loved and appreciated.’

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Many people argued that Burale was just seeking pity from the public while it’s indeed true that he was sick.

He has since recovered.

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