Tanasha and Diamond

A while back, Tanasha Donna’s baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz when on live radio and accused Peter Okoye formerly of P Square of cheating with Zari when he was in a relationship with him.

Both Peter and Zari rubbished the claims and paid it no mind.

Months later, chats between Tanasha and Peter have resurfaced and the timing is set in a way to embarrass Diamond and his pregnant bae.

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Diamond Platnumz with pregnant TanashaIn the chats, Tanasha is begging the P Square member to post her on his social media so she can get followers.

“It would be nice to have some West African followers as well…might open more doors,” adding, “You’d be doing me a huge favour. But then…no pressure.”

She is blue-ticked by P Square. Acknowledging this, she texts back.

“Fair enough.. i’II take that as a no. Thanks Anyway.”

The P Square star responds with a simple explanation saying,

I can only post when It is your birthday or something. Sorry hun.”

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Check out the leaked chat below.

To defend herself, Tanasha said that people are just looking to provoke her.

She posted on her Instastories:

“People never notice when you’re constantly provoked and remain silent but the minute you retaliate in the most civil manner possible, you are the bad guy or the guilty one. So I let them argue with themselves and believe what they want.”

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