Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

The last two weeks have been tough for gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. His record label EMB has suffered a major blow after two of its talented artistes David Wonder and Mr Seed quit.

According to Mr Seed, he left EMB because his wife was disrespected and on New Year’s Eve, she was arrested by police at Bahati’s event.

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The Barua hit singer has been avoiding commenting on the matter and he and his wife have been accused of being unkind for using security forces to arrest a heavily pregnant woman.

Nimo Gachuiri
Nimo Gachuiri and Mr Seed during their baby shower

Well, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has finally addressed the allegations in a cryptic message which she shared on social media. She wrote:

Pillars are meant to stand strong… When God Blesses you, you owe no one an explanation.

In another post she wrote:

Being taken to levels I never thought I’d get to because I was made to stand out, not to fit in.

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A section of Diana’s followers have lashed out at her, claiming she is a pretender. Some of the reactions include:

Dogovinnie: @diana_marua zile doh ya kahawa naona imefanya kazi kweli….but shosh punguza kiherehere na kuingililia mambo ya vijana kama wale wa EMB, they are young achana na hawa

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

Eunyceflorence: Lakini Diana if you don’t humble yourself naona bahati akirudi mathare I now believe wisdom was right

I_am_gathoni: deep down someone feels guilty

Paujazlyn: I watched Weezdom kwa mambo mseto and he said you are the reason as the why he left EMB. @diana_marua I wanna advise you don’t be the reason as to why Bahati’s friends are leaving emb, it is not good at all you found them doing well let them be please, don’t be happy when everybody is hating you.

Mwedefaith: Wizzy alisema ukweli Aki Diana usifanye bahati akosane na watu wenye wametoka nao far😠😠
Ivvyann: Are you guys not ashamed,si mlipe deni kwanza,

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Jacqueline_ndambuki: If I were u of which I can’t be 😂😂😂 ningetulia bila kupost this storm to cool down aky mimi heart attack pap 😂😂😂😂maoni tu yangu.

Pamelaywaya: Absolutely u don’t v to explain to one about God’s blessings to U, don’t feel apologetic for being blessed, just enjoy your life shosho wa Baha

Jannytigs: Don’t mention God…he ain’t pleased with u…

Moustarpher: Ata useme nini nothing changes and get this straight,God hates pretenders,His wrath is unavoidable…u will one day wish u did the right thing,poor soul

Sagina_namy: 😂😂😂 pple on IG are soo real..they don’t pretend

Diana Marua

Carolinemuhunyo: Wololo pride comes before a fall

Tabbienyambura: Preach water and drink the same water….pretenders are worse than murderers😕

Mama1na: If you are indeed the pillar then stop breaking those young men’s relationship with each other, act like their mother and bring peace n togetherness among them. You know your brain is that of a 40-year-old since women mature faster than men so act accordingly please n stop breaking those brothers’ relationship

Nxtermumbua: Ati david wonder ametoka EMB juu yako 😏😏 .

Conslatejanet: If the story is true.just apologies and make peace with everyone you have offended and if they are not go to your knees and pray for them otherwise what goes around comes back around.

Mobiledetailers: Ungekuwa unalipa mrseed vile una upload picha deni ingekuwa imeisha taka taka…sura kama ya mbuzi

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