As a youth, you are central to the development of the country and are central to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Young people are the driving force of development.

With Kenya set to host the 4th consecutive edition of the Chinese trade show ‘China Trade Week’ at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC),  this is a great opportunity for you as a youth to get to learn of the different business dynamics and implementation ideas from companies and organizations that have already thrived in the different sectors.

The exhibition will be featuring high-end Chinese-made products and will be held for the fourth consecutive year in Nairobi from June 13-20. Increasing the income opportunities available to young entrepreneurs, especially with trade, is good for future growth of our economy and inclusiveness of our society. Young entrepreneurs will also be able to increase their competitiveness.

This year’s edition will split industries across 2 phases, with sectors including building material, HVAC, lighting, construction material, water & environmental treatment, furniture & interior, textiles and PPP for Phase 1 on 13th-15th June. The consumer goods, automobile & auto parts, electrical & IT and agriculture will be for Phase 2 on 18th-20th June.

The trade fair brings together retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters in Kenya with their counterparts from China, and that it is experiencing tremendous success in forging trade links between the two countries.

Established in 2013, China Trade Week had its first event in the United Arab Emirates which was warmly welcomed by the local business community. This was later followed by the first ever first African event in Kenya in 2015 which had an even bigger response. Since then, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia have also hosted similar events.

As a youth, visit the exhibition and get inspired to be the next generation of manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

China Trade Week 2
China Trade Week 2