“Our greatest concern as parents was how our girls would have handle the transition. Amazingly they are having so much fun and they have settled in and blended in so well,” DJ Krowbar’s wife, Joy, said.

The family relocated to South Africa where DJ Krowbar is studying and working.

DJ Krowbar is at the SAE Institute, a learning institution that sets the bar for the benchmark in superior Higher Education in Africa, in the fields of Animation, Film Making and Sound Production.

Anyhow, we gave you an update about how the family is doing. Now we have exciting photos of how the young family is settling into the work routine of the celebrated gospel DJ.

Joy told Krowbar in a beautiful social media post, “It’s never too late to pursue your purpose, it’s never too late to start the journey of becoming whom you want to be.”

“You don’t need to have it all figured out, just take a step of faith and you will be amazed of what God will do. Fear is the greatest enemy of progress and that is what hold most people captive. Faith in God triggers miracles. Krowbar, I am so happy to see what God is doing in your life. You are being prepared for greatness ❤ . I celebrate you???? #mce#SolderingOnbyfaith#ForeverBlessed #familylove,” she added.

Krowbar was touched, he replied, “To be honest… you make it easy, you deserve the big shout out. ????????????”


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Krowbar’s wife told his fans about his big move to Cape Town.

She wrote, “A journey that was birthed out of faith begins today, in our own natural minds we didn’t know how it will come to a full fruition, but when God give a vision, he always give the provision. ???? Exceedingly, abundantly he gave us our hearts desires????. Today as my lovely husband begins this new chapter, I have no doubt of what God will do in his life . @djkrowbar you are marked for greatness and God’s grace and favour is upon your life❤. We love and celebrate you and we are here to cheer you on to the end????.#keepshinning”

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